These varieties are the most variegated, they are divided into many categories. All sports tourism is usually divided into passive and active. In the first case, the traveler does not personally participate, but observes a certain sporting event, and in the second, accordingly, he participates.

We note right away that representatives of sports and extreme types of tourism do not even consider the rest as tourists. There is often a funny misunderstanding between individual groups: climbers do not like cavers, cyclists – pedestrians, water workers – everyone else, but as a joke.

In this direction of tourism activities, the preparation and participation of a tourism product independently is widespread. This includes the organization of all resources for a tourist group, including hiking, and overnight stays, and economic calculations and costs.

Sports and extreme tourism are subdivided into narrower areas according to the type of sport, method or degree of extreme.

Source: Sports and adventure tourism: for those who appreciate adrenaline and obstacles