Recycling Systems

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10 March, 2012
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Last modified on Wednesday, 30 May 2012 20:21

Appliance Recycling Systems

Forrec Appliance Recycling Systems process refrigerators, washing machines, and other white goods.  Recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, copper and aluminum are achieved.  An advanced air handling system ensures complete recovery of CFC while it controls and filters dust formed during the recycling process.

C&D Recycling Systems

Mobile shredders from Badger are capable of processing all types of C&D material including wood and reinforced concrete.  Impact can package mobile or stationary systems to include reduction, sorting, and handling for turn-key C&D systems.


E-Scrap Recycling Systems

Forrec E-Scrap Recycling Systems are designed to process electric and electronic equipment including computers.  The process combines manual labor and automation in order to optimize recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and plastics.  Sound and air control systems minimize noise levels and dust emissions.

Foam Recycling Systems

EPS Foam Recycling Systems from RecycleTech reduce large quantities of loose foam scrap into dense ingots at a ratio of up to 90:1.  This can reduce foam waste disposal costs by as much as 80%.

Glass Recycling Systems

Glass Aggregate Systems makes complete systems for reduction and screening of bottles, full bottles, windshields, and plate glass.  Labels, metal caps, and plastic caps are removed and separated in bottle systems.  In windshield systems,  laminate is separated and processed to a marketable form.
Industrial Waste Recycling Systems
Metal Recycling Systems
MSW Recycling Systems
Plastic Recycling Systems
Tire Recycling Systems

Forrec Tire Recycling Systems process car and truck tires into marketable end products including Tire Derived Fuel (TDF), various sizes of rubber granules, clean steel, and nylon fiber.  Advanced air handling systems control rubber dust providing a clean, safe recycling operation.  Systems can be implemented in phases allowing a recycling business to grow according to volume and end product needs while preserving capital.
Toner Cartridge Recycling Systems
Wire / Cable Recycling Systems