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10 March, 2012
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Helping customers succeed requires more than supplying the iron.  We provide consulting services on the front end to help you make the best equipment decision for your business and then help you optimize the value of your purchase with financing, technical service, and materials marketing services.


Gathering and analyzing the information needed for a sound equipment business decision can be daunting when you consider all the, applications, feedstock, material markets, people, and economics, to name a few.  We take a side by side consultative approach to helping customers analyze their options on paper and providing a decision process.  We call it the Impact Value Optimization Process (VOP) and our goal is to help customers narrow the gap between the value they believe they are purchasing, and the value they actually realize.

 Discover - problems and opportunities for improving your business

        · Diagnose - the scope of problems/opportunities and their cost

        · Design - a solution and define success

        · Deliver - implement the solution and measure success


Once a purchase decision has been made, we can help find competitive financing from a number of sources. We can also provide options for physical damage insurance.


Technical Service

Machine downtime can increase hourly operating costs very quickly so keeping your equipment working is a key to your success.  We can work with you to provide the level of technical support you need in a cost effective manner.

Materials Marketing

Processing materials from feedstock form to a valuable end product is the essence of recycling. Finding new markets and higher value uses for these end products is a constant challenge for recycling businesses. As part of our solutions based approach, we can help market the materials you produce with our equipment.





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